Monday, June 7, 2010

Here We Go...

I have recently come to the conclusion that I would really love to be like those who blog ALL the time. But not just blogging for random reasons - blogging to have memories! I have many friends who are SO good at updating their blog(hello BFF)and they have inspired me to get better!

So, for starters:

Friday was a great day! I started the morning with my family at the pool. Unfortunately, it was pretty overcast, so Mom, Dad and I sat at one of the tables and just enjoyed catching up! Dad was facing the pool and in the midst of conversation he noticed a ripple coming from a filter.

So, he got up and went over to open it up, and inside was a baby rabbit! Still alive, the little guy was quite weak and cold, but was going to be fine. I ended up taking it home with me due to the hungry hawk we had heard and seen all morning.

That same afternoon, my niece, CB (11 months), came over to spend the afternoon with her auntie Am. Now, times like this, according to Blake, are supposed to serve as birth control. However, it did quite the opposite. We had a blast! We learned how to high five and pretended to go to sleep on our bed and wake up on our bed. We just laughed and laughed! day, through God's grace, I will have my very own and do this EVERY DAY!!!

Continuing on, I had put the rabbit in the back room so Miss CB wouldn't/couldn't get to it. Well, when Uncle Blake got home, we went back to see it, and much to our surprise it was NOT in the box! Fortunately we found it hiding under the dresser right away. Unfortunately, Blake spent the next 20 minutes chasing after the rabbit throughout our guest bedroom trying to recapture it while CB was just a laughing. She watched every move Blake and the rabbit made, making little noises that sounded like "Ehh" and "Uhh", but I interpreted them as "get it" and "I want it." Hilarious!!!When Blake finally got the rabbit, we let it go outside, and as CB watched it dash away she made sweet sounds of approval.

The rest of the evening was basically spent "playing house" and I watched my desire for a baby to join our family increase!!!

But for now, I am loving being a wife, friend, daughter, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt...and I am joyfully, patiently (kinda sorta), and prayerfully awaiting for my time to be a mother.

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the sun.

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