Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween

This was our first married Halloween, and it couldn't have been more wonderful! It started on Saturday night at FBCS for the annual trunk-or-treat. The best part about the night was our niece, CB! Just look at her:

Sunday morning we went to church with our friends Chris, Dori and Owen and had lunch at American Pie. This was my first experience there, and I must say I enjoyed it! :)

After that, we decided to take it easy on our Sunday afternoon. We both rested and then decided to carve a pumpkin before the arrival of tricker-treaters!

Here is Blake cutting the top of our pumpkin...he is actually very good at carving!

Then is was time for the messy part!

After some carving, here's the welcoming face on our front porch!

Even though we had approximately 3 doorbell rings, I'm sure they liked seeing a happy pumpkin face smiling at them! And we enjoyed that time too. This time next year will be quite a different pumpkin carving experience, but one that we will document even more! In these pictures I am 19 weeks, but I am 20 as I write this post! More baby updates are coming soon!