Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Changes!

Well, the last time I posted, I was telling you all about our beautiful wedding day. That was the most memorable and most exciting day of my life. My friend, Chelsea, recently went through everything she remembers, and I will do that soon. I want to be able to remember every little detail!

But, come March 23, I believe that the title of "most exciting day" will be stolen!

This is the new addition to our family. I am 10 weeks pregnant, and I am still so in awe that I am now crying as I type this post. Here is the story:

Back in June, Blake and I had decided that it was time for us to completely rely on the Lord as to when we were to have a baby. We had talked about it and prayed, and we both felt comfortable with letting God take over (I really doesn't matter that we were comfortable with it...God is so sweet to let us get there!).

Well, God was ready for us to have a baby. By mid-July, I knew something was different. I had lots of weird things happening with my body, and I was beginning to feel suspicious. I did some research, and sure enough EVERY symptom I had was listed under "Early Symptoms of Pregnancy."

I had set up an appointment with my lady doctor for the 17th, so I knew we would find out then. I had told Blake about my symptoms, but no one else knew. I knew we would both want to tell our families, and that we would want to know for sure before we said anything. I decided to not take a home test - mainly because we were so busy we were never home to take it...and I didn't want to risk taking it somewhere else. So, I waited until my appointment.

Monday, July 17th, came along. I had told my mom that day that I was just chilling and would probably be at home all day long. Of course, I headed to my 10:30 appointment as soon as possible. I was nervous and excited. My prayer was that if there was a baby, He would start to prepare me to be a mother, and if there was not, to give me peace that one day there would be.

I got to the doctor's office and don't even remember much about sitting in the waiting room. All I do remember was prayer...lots of it! When my nurse called me back, we went directly to the restroom and she began the detailed questioning about any changes since the last time I had been there. Then the conversation went something like this:

ME: Ummm...there could possibly be a kind of big change. I think I might be pregnant.

NURSE: Oh, ok. Well, what symptoms have you been having?

skip skip skip

NURSE: Well, it sure sounds like you might be right. Now, if this is true, am I going to have to pick you up off the floor, or can I say congratulations?

ME: Congratulations, definitely!

After that, she told me she would do the test for me and meet me in the lab for blood pressure, etc. I went to the lab, where she was testing. She had gotten very excited for me. She was smiling and asking about Blake and if he knew. She really made the whole experience wonderful! She escorted me into the room and said "I'll be right back" in the voice that gets higher and higher every time you say a word because you're so excited.

Well, I sat there with my heart about to pound out of my chest. Looking around, there were Pregnancy magazines everywhere. I just prayed "Your will be done." What seemed like an hour later, my nurse opened the door, peeked around it, and said...


If you know me, you know exactly what I did joke. I just cried and cried, especially after she left me to wait on the doctor. I was thanking God...oh it was just precious time for me to be able to worship the One who knows me better than I know myself.

The rest of the appointment didn't matter to me after that. I had decided to have lunch with Blake afterwards, so I made my way over. When he got in the car he looked at me, and here is how that went:

BLAKE: So, how did it go?

ME: (nothing...just lots of tears)

BLAKE: (still smiling)What does that mean?

ME: (still no words...just nodding my head and more tears)

Talk about a memory. We shared this moment with Chick-Fil-A as we headed through the drive through as Blake was laughing and smiling the whole time he was ordering. We were just happy.

We decided to tell our families later that week, which was precious time. We wrapped up presents for my parents and sisters that had diapers and "I love my Auntie" onesies. For his parents, we gave his dad a kid's golf club and wrote in the card that he could use this with Caroline (his first grandchild) and the baby to come in a few months.

It has been so fun. On my facebook, I recently wrote this:

[I] think it is amazing how you can dream and pray for something for so long, and then one day, God just says "Here you go!" I cannot begin to explain the emotions going on inside of me right now! We have a healthy, dancing baby...and give ALL praise to the God who has blessed us with him/her!

At our second appointment, Blake went with me and we got to see the baby and hear his/her heartbeat. It was amazing. It was also wonderful to see that our baby is already full of the joy of the Lord - he/she would not stop dancing! :) I am totally in awe of my Creator and the miracles He is capable of. Just take a look at one of His newest creations!