Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Few Updates

As of last November, we knew that Baby Burdett is a little girl. Here is her precious little face as of that time:

We have finally gotten most of the nursery completed, and are now waiting on the showers to begin to fill up the space. Here was the process from beginning to almost-end:

Here is the man behind it all...from the cobwebs to the trim, he did it all!



The building process...

The finished products...

Needless to say, this young lady will be well taken care of and is already so blessed!

As for me, I would like to do what I had planned to do...oh, about 18 weeks ago!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby B is about 16 inches long and 2-3 pounds
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not Exactly Sure
Maternity Clothes: Filling them out nicely!
Gender: Baby Girl
Movement: All the time...visible all over!
Sleep: People keep telling me that this is the part where God is getting you ready for your baby being here and not sleeping as much...but it is great...I'm still getting plenty of rest
What I miss: I will be glad to be back in normal clothes...but this is not a complaint...I couldn't be happier!
Cravings: anything chocolate and peanut butter together
Symptoms: I've had some back pain, but again, nothing to complain about
Best Moment this week: Watching Blake's face as I laid on my back and he felt Baby B roll over and felt her little foot

Picture coming soon...