Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 pounds

Hello Again.

I know what you're thinking. I don't know what has gotten into me. I just have time...or really I am escaping from the time I do NOT have and all the papers to grade in order to blog. But this is way better!

Blake and I watched the movie Seven Pounds the other night. I had not ever read anything on this movie, so I had no idea what to expect.

We watched the whole thing, and it was not until the end that I realized what was going on and what was probably going to happen. I'm not really big into guessing the ending (however, I am really into talking to the movie: "Don't go in there?" or "Why are you so stupid?")

ALERT: This is about to spoil this movie if you have not seen it. Just wanted to be sure you were aware!

Will Smith plays a man that has lost his wife and killed multiple other people in a car accident caused by him. He goes throughout the whole movie pretending to be an employee of the U.S. Treasury Department, going from person to person to see if they deserve an extension.

Not until the end did I realize what he was actually doing: all of the people he visited had disabilities - one man was blind, one girl had heart troubles, one man needed bone marrow. He had actually gone around to these people to see if they deserved new "parts" to fix the ones that were broken. He wanted to give back, and in the end, he kills himself and the rest of the movie shows the blind man seeing, the girl with the heart problem living freely, the person who needs bone marrow free of pain.

And the waterworks began! Can you spell C-R-Y-B-A-B-Y?!

If Blake hadn't been next to me, I probably would have been crying for way longer than I was. It was ridiculous how many tears I let out.

But they were legit. I just witnessed (on a screen) a man who felt like he owed everyone something and gave everything to save them.

Sound familiar.

The blind man sees.

The (almost) dead living again.

Hello JESUS!

And when I made that connection, I realized how casual I have been when it comes to being reminded of what Jesus did for me. When a man sacrifices himself in a movie I go ballistic. When I hear about Jesus dying on the cross for me, and you, and everyone, I think "Oh, how sweet."

Lord, forgive me!

I want to be torn apart when I dwell on what Jesus did for me. He gave everything he had because He WANTED TO.

I cannot make any sense of this. But I want to be moved deeply every time I encounter this truth.

We are such imperfect beings, but God has given us a "part" that is irreplaceable and undeniable called grace. We need this to have life - the life God has prepared for us.

...for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ. Romans 3:23-24

Praise the Lord!

I pray that God's grace is keeping you alive and well, and that the next time you encounter the beautiful story of the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, you will be moved deeply.

In Humility,

Long Time No See

Hello Friends.

I know...I know...I'm not so great at this kind of commitment. I promise to get better. I constantly tell Blake all kinds of topics for my blog, and, see where they go - nowhere. But, since I can't get any worse, the only way to go is up! So, friends, here is my new start! We will see how it goes!

The thing that drove me today to share with you was an experience in "Nail One." I went and enjoyed some time with the ladies in my family while having our nails done. However, I was not prepared for this. After a very relaxing stay in the "spa chair" I went to sit with my sister while she got her nails put on. I was actually saying goodbye (which is hard enough as it is - one struggle of my life = missing my family a LOT).

Real quick - a piece of information you need: I am VERY motherly. Especially to my sisters - even the 16 year old. Rubs on the back, "sweethearts," "call me if you need anythings"...that is me. my motherly way, I was telling Chelsea goodbye. Went sorta like this: "OK...I love you...thanks for hanging out with me today...I miss me if you need you!" (i know...pathetic!)

That's when it happened. The lady on the other side, with her heavy "Via-na-meees" accent said this:


Haha...awkwardly we both laughed. Honestly I thought she was talking about how I was being so motherly. So, I played along and pretended to hold Chels's face like a mother would. You know, being funny...ohh dear!?

The sweet, innocent nail tech said "When you come here again, you will have a big belly!" but it sounded something like this: "Whe[n] yooo come heah ageh, yooo ha[ve] beeeg belly!"


Yes. Truth.

Well, as most of you know, if that news was actually true, this would be AMAZING! (I can't wait to be a mama!)

But it is SO not true. Which makes this bad. REALLY bad. Of course Blake and my mom were like "No one in their right mind would think you were pregnant!" BUT they don't understand.

My emotions were a jumble of the following: have I gained weight?!, if only that were true (me being pregnant)!?, I am NEVER eating dessert again!!, God - thank you for allowing that to be a joyous thing - one day.

So, there you go - my first experience with the awful presumption of being pregnant from another person.

Ironically enough, I actually told my fourth graders the other day to NEVER say anything about being pregnant to a lady unless you are 100% sure. Maybe little miss nail lady needs to come be a special guest in my class.


While I don't consider myself to be "oversized" in any manner, it does make me want to go visit my 30 Day SHRED video with Jillian! Every day. For the rest of my life.


Here's to the Sweet (sometimes funny) Illuminations!

P.S. In no way am I trying to make fun of the talented lady doing our nails! We have actually invited her to some to our church tomorrow, so pray that she comes!