Monday, February 21, 2011

Packing Our Bags!

Hello from me and Baby Girl!

We are getting closer and closer each day! Wednesday I had my 35 week appointment and found out that Baby Girl is measuring 7.2 pounds when she should be no more than 5.5 pounds?! So, we're figuring we're getting REALLY close (at least hoping).

Today, during my first day of mid-winter break, I decided to truly start preparing - by PACKING! Who knew how much "stuff" you need to have a baby! But I'm all about it if it involves comfort and peace!

So, for those of you who are, or will become, pregnant, here is what I am taking...I will follow up after the delivery to let you know what actually was needed.

I did learn that it is smart to have different "types" of bags - a labor bag, an after delivery bag, and (I made this one up) a baby bag!

Labor Bag:

Camera Bag with Video Camera (ummm...not for during thank you!)

Important Documents and Information (Pediatrician's Name, Number and Address; Insurance Card; Social Security Number)

Call List (for going to, waiting, and after delivery phone calls)

Robe - many lists call for slippers, but I am only taking flip flops

Socks - soft and warm AND basic ankle socks

Water Bottle and Snacks (more for Dad than Mom!)

iPod and Bose player- still considering making a playlist or not...not sure what "mood" I'll be in!?

Hair accessories - I am taking hair twisties, a head band and bobby pins.

Chap stick

Make Up - yes...this is a MUST!

2 Pillows - I am planning on borrowing some of my sisters' pillow cases for two reasons - to make it very clear which pillows belong to Northside and which belong to me AND to add some color to the delivery room.

A special outfit for Baby Girl with a special surprise for family on it! :)

Playing cards/Skip Bo/Uno - Just in case things take longer than expected!

Phone Charger

Notebook and Pen - so we don't forget ANYTHING! :)



Contact Solution/Glasses/Contact Case

After Delivery Bag (some of the things needed during labor will be repeated here!):

Camera Bag and Video Camera


Phone Charger



Flip Flops

Pajamas - I'm taking nursing tops for nighttime and some comfy tops that cover well for visitors!

Granny Panties - I hear you need these...:(

Nursing Bras/pads/pump

Toiletries - all the basics (but also, all my favorites for comfort) for me and Blake

Make Up

Going Home Outfit - I packed a loose dress and leggings and flip flops... I'll let you know how that works!

A manila envelope - I hear there is a lot of paper work you bring home, so this will be a good place to put it.

Toilet Paper - I'm bringing one roll...from what I understand, hospital TP is rough...

Notebook and Pen - now to document Baby Girl's visitors

Boppy - for nursing

My Boa Wreath - My bff Chelsea had this on her door at my shower and I LOVE IT! We are SO using it on the hospital door!


An Extra Bag - this is for all the hospital stuff we may acquire!

I'm going to add a bag here - the Dad Bag:

Pillows - for comfort

Blanket - for comfort

Labor Outfit/Resting Outfit/Visitor Outfit


And Finally - the Baby Bag:

Going Home Outfit - We are very indecisive about this, so we are actually taking multiple outfits.


Swaddling Blanket

Blanket for Covering her in her Car Seat

Hat and Booties for Going Home


Mittens - so she doesn't scratch her face

Diapers and Wipes - I'm not actually planning on using these, just having them "in case."

So, there you have it. A LOT of things, but things that seem necessary! Hopefully we'll find out soon!

And for all you ladies that might ever be concerned about is what I will paint my toes with (well...ask my mom to paint my toes with) pre-hospital! :)